If I had the money (alas, I do not) I would opt for a double rifle in at least .458 Win. If I really wanted to be cool, then a double in .470 Nitro Express. Two quick shots are ha
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Dec 12, 2019 · .470 Nitro Express The only traditional, rimmed cartridge to make this list, the .470 is perhaps the best double rifle round ever produced. In the early twentieth century, double rifles dominated African hunting and were chambered for cartridges from .333 to .700 caliber, but as the double waned in popularity after the war, only a few ...
20mm Vs 50 Cal Round. Download Image. Quotes Galleries for 20mm Vs 50 Cal Round. This Maniac Fired A 20mm Cannon Through His Lamborghini [VIDEO] 20mm APDS Vs Body Armor 50 Cal 20mm Pictures To Pin On Pinterest What's The Difference? .50/20/30mm What Is The Difference Between An Autocannon And An.22 LR To 14,5x114 Mm & 20 Mm Ammo What Can 30 Mm GAU-8 Ammo Do That 20 Mm M61A1 Ammo Can't Anzio ...
The .700 Nitro Express double rifle is only available on a custom order basis, and has never seen regular production, while the .585 Nyati which is built under similar circumstances is significantly more powerful. Currently the most powerful rifle cartridge available on a commercial basis is the .50 BMG.

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Holland & Holland makes a .700 Nitro Express. I seem to remember that it takes a couple of years to get one and they're around $60,000+ Shoots 1000 gr bullets ME + ~8900 foot pounds. (Has been pushed to 15,000 ft lbs) Recoil around 196 ft lbs. $100 per round for commercial ammo. Gun weight is 14 lbs.
May 11, 2017 · To me, this seems relatively easy. Instead of a new cartridge, use a better bullet in the 5.56 NATO round – I think that is the main downfall based on what I’ve read. Go with something in the 65-69 grain weight. To me, that’s a good combination of bullet weight vs. velocity vs BC.
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Need a gun suggestion (Yo Frank!) 71 posts • ... which is very hard to guarantee with much of anything short of a .50 BMG or a Barrett M82A1. ... Guess that is why there IS a .700 Nitro Express ... Jan 03, 2014 · 58).470 Nitro Express 59).50 BMG / 12.7x99 NATO 60).500 jeffery 61).505 Gibbs 62).577 Nitro Express 63).577 Tyrannosaur 64).600 Nitro Express 65).700 Nitro Express 66).950 jdj 67)4.6x30 mm 68)4.6x30mm

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